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Replacing 2 Pups With 1

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hey im finally fed up with the sound that my jackson js-30 is capable of, so ive decided to take out the 2 stock pups and put a single humbucker that i bought for my current build in the bridge position.

Can anyone hook me up with a wiring diagram i need to make this work with 1 vol and 1 tone pot... i guess i leave the 3 way switch out of the wiring?

this is the first time ive done any guitar wiring so any help is appreciated

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Are you saying that you plan on having the 3 way switch just sit there and do nothing? If you are using a four conductor humbucker (like a seymour duncan), then you may be able to use the 3 way switch to activate a coil-tap or in/out of phase wiring. I'm not sure how you would do this, but I'm sure there are people on here who could help you.

Also, I know you didn't mention it, but I'm interested in see how you are planning on covering up the second cavity (now empty?).

EDIT: Hey wait, this is in two sections....

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im using a golden age humbucker i got off of lmii a while ago,

i dont intend to leave it the way it is, im gonna put the original ones back in when i want to sell it, i just figured i should see how this pup sounds since i wont be completeing my home made guitar anytime soon and since my guitar sounds like farting into a dijeree-doo.

Figured i should get warmed up to this whole wiring thing anyways.

On my pickup i see 1 black wire with 1 white and 1 red wire spliced out if it.. is the black wire the N and S finish already taped? if so how do i know which is N and which is S of the white and red?

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alright now im confused, when i took the old pickups out there were 4 wires, the red and white were tied together and taped back which would be north/south finish, the black was grounded which would be south start, and then there was a green one (north start) which was the hot one attatched to the 3 way..

the new pickup only has 3 wires, if i were to tape back the red and white ones and use the black as ground, what do i use as the hot wire/north start?

cmon i need some response, the soldering irons already hot...

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