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Karosa Necks

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I'm new here.... Been playing for over thirty years, hack-guitar-ruining-mod-hobbyist for just about as long.

I bought a Karosa neck a few weeks back for a project guitar I'm building. Bought it on a whim because I was curious. It came right away, while my Warmoth body is weeks from being done. So I bolted it onto my trusty thinline.

From what I can tell on various guitar forums and HC user reviews, you either love 'em or you hate 'em. But as I dig a little deeper, it seems their bad reviews are earlier builds. I could be wrong. But mine is a good one, it seems. I still have some finalizing to do on setup, there's one string that still buzzes on one fret. But it sounds great in every other spot.

Anybody have any experience with these necks?

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