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Best 4-way Wiring For Telecaster


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I got a Fender Squire Telecaster a couple of monhs ago (my first Tele-style ax) and even though it was really inexpensive, it's great. Great fit and finish, and keeps intonation very well, even with excessive string stretching. It did have a wobbly selector switch (which save me about $20 more), so I've researched and purchased a Fender 4-way selector on Ebay ($15 delivered). Somehow I thought I'd be having the #1 as Neck, #2 - Standard both parallel pickups, #3 - Series both pickups, and #4 - Bridge pickup. But the diagram lets #4 be the new Series - both pickups. Which way would be the best (as the Fender diagram shows, or my scenario)? The only disadvantage of my scenario is I'd switch through the new fller sound to get from one end to the other. Any comments, or users who already have the 4-way installed?

Got to say that this Honey-Maple Telecaster is phenomenal. I am sure the pickups are lacking to the real deal, but as my 10th guitar it's a winner. But it also gives me the templates I need to start hand engraving scratchplates and knobs and control plates for custom projects.



Smashville, TN

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I have not done a 4 way mod nor know the diagram or switch you are looking at...it is a fairly common mod...

Another common mod is to use a 5 way super switch to get all 5 combinations possible which you might be interested in and I posted in this thread...LINK...this gives both series and out of phase selections as well as the normal three in their usual positions.

The reasoning on the 4 way to put the series at the end of the switch is because both pickups in series is a thicker and louder sound than the bridge alone and so may be more intuitive in use as that selection.

A superswitch can be a little large but generally you can squeeze it in to a tele...the out of phase sound is thin and funky...perhaps a little hollow l like the in between settings of a strat and might be useful.

hope that helps...post the diagram and switch if you want more details of whether you can move the selections about on a 4 way...


ps...welcome to PG

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