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Looking For Gold Dpdt Switch

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I want to put a switch on the bass I'm working on to toggle the humbucker between parallel and series wiring. I could work with a three way that switched between parallel, series and single coil if that was the only option. These are readily available from numerous suppliers as a "mini" switch. As this is the only switch on the body of the instrument, and it's only going to have two knobs, I'd prefer something where the outer appearance of the switch was somewhat larger, rather than the mini switches one normally uses for these operations. I'm thinking something that looks like an LP style toggle. It also needs to be able to thread through a thicker wood top, rather than a pickguard.

However, because of the operation I want to use this for, a normal LP pickup toggle switch, that's an on/off leaf spring switch, isn't going to work - I need a DPDT, or a an on-on-on double pole switch. I've seen some Danelectro replacement switches (go here and scroll down and you'll see a danelectro switch) with a sealed body that may fit the bill, I haven't held one in my hands in a while to be certain the switching works like I remember. And I'm certain that I can find something in the Mouser catalog or elsewhere with a similar large outward appearance that will switch properly.

However, I want to match the rest of the build. This means going with a gold finish on the exposed hardware. (If I found a gold switch that took a threaded switch tip like an LP switch, I could make or buy a matching wood tip, that would look ace as well.) That's the part that's making things difficult; few suppliers outside of the guitar world carry gold-finished switches, and the guitar shops don't carry gold colored switches with the appropriate switching mechanisms for what I want.

If I can't find it, I'll go with plan B, which is a push-pull pot, as the mini switch just looks lost sitting in that space.

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They make dpdt toggle switches that are built for power and a readily available...stiff action though...but never seen a gold one...all chrome or nickel generally. Gold anything is kind of rare.

Just laterally thinking an alternative...you could use a latching dpdt push button and make some kind of wooden actuator...given the function of the switch it might be ok depending on your design. You could even set it up that the most used down position is virtually level with the top of the guitar perhaps...maybe something to consider.


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