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Installing Pickups


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I am "trying" to install 2 seymour duncan livewire pickups into my new esp/ltd ec-1000. The pickups were taken out of 2 other guitars that i own (1 pickup was installed in one guitar and the other in a different guitar). I downloaded the wiring diagram from the seymour duncan website for my setup (2 livewires, 2 volume, 1 tone, 3 way switch). I followed the diagram to a T, (or so i believe) but still nothing. The only thing that is different from their diagram is the potentiometers. Their diagram showed that i should be using 100K pots for the 2 volumes and 1 tone knob. The only pots i had access to were 500K pots. Would the difference between the 2 pots cause the guitar to not work? Any help would be great.

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It could, but it still should work fine with all of the controls on 10. Only when you tried to turn them down would you notice that they were like they were more like On/Off switches. I'd suggest getting new controls anyways, but that's probably not your problem.

Check your battery and your connections. You might have something switched up on the output jack that's not allowing the battery's current to flow. If you're sure those are right(ie you don't have the tip and ring switched or anything like that), then just do a general check around with a multimeter checking for connectivity and voltage where it should be. There should be voltage between the positive and ground on the pickups with the cable plugged in, etc. You also wouldn't get sound if you're using a stereo cable.

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