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Replacing Pickup


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Hello guys/gals!

I'm completely new to the whole customizing/building thing and I read in the forum for some months now. My goal is - although people say I have two left hands - to build a guitar on my own sometime in the future.

As I said, I NEVER did anything in this direction (apart from giving my guitars a setup :D ), so this is the point I start.


I want to place a Seymour Duncan SH-6 into the bridge position of my Yamaha RGX 721DG. The problem I have is, that the old Humbucker has only 2 wires while the SH-6 has 4. This wouldn't be such a "big deal" (because two wires of the SH-6 are just soldered together) if the two wires of the Yamaha HB wouldn't go a way which is different from the Seymour Duncan proposal.

To clarify this, here the Seymour Duncan proposal:


And here the situation inside my Yamaha (sorry for the shitty schematic):


I've read different opinions so far: Some say "Just solder the SH-6 the way the old Humbucker has been" and others say "Desolder the old Humbucker and ignore the old positions of the wires, just keep with the Duncan proposal".

What is your advice while keeping in mind, that I want to switch the pcikups the old way? I checked the search function, but I think the problem is specific for every guitar.

Huge thanks in advance,


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Hello guys/gals!

That would be Guls then...welcome to PG

Anyway...suggest you simply wire the HB to the switch as it is already int the guitar...don't let the red and white short on anything, put some tape over the join if bare. Be aware because color codes can vary, you might find the HB out of phase, in which case ssimply reverse the wired connections on the switch...enjoy

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