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Arbortech Carvers?

j. pierce

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The backpage gallery in this month's Fine Woodworking is a fellow from Australia who makes some beautiful carved vessels - the How They Did It page explains that he roughs the thing out with an Arbortech carver - it mounts on an angle grinder; the one they show in the magazine looks like this model. I prefer carving my tops by hand for now for a variety of reasons, but anyone have any experience with one of these? Given the kind of work he's doing with these, it seems like it might work well for carved tops, etc. While I'm sure it still kicks up quite a mess, it might be more "shaving" than "dust", compared to a flap disk . L ike where I'm working with a nice router bit as opposed to a power sander.

More info on the guy I'm talking about:



The "how they did it" feature from FW is supposed to go online later; if it's free content, I'll post a link later.

Just curious if anyone has any experience with this tool - I'm moving in the summer, if I actually get real shop space, I may change some of my work habits.

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These mini grinder blades have been around for awhile. Some others are like chain saw blades attached to a 4.5" disk.

Even though the work shown is great stuff, this tool is for hogging off wood. Not exactly a guitar building choice. "He roughs out the carving with an Arbortech power carver". Rough is the optimal word here.

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