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Stumac Fingerboard /fret Leveling Files


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I may be running out of SM tools to review. Maybe they can send me a few samples so I can review them. Ha

The StuMac Fingerboard and Fret Leveling Files.


Seems pretty basic but they are not really. The upper file is the Inlay/Fingerboard (wood) file and the lower one the fret file.

The Good: They do what they are supposed to do without much fan fair. Comfortable and all edges have no cut. The fingerboard/ inlay file is my favorite as I use it to remove high spots on inlay which is always a tough one. Both leave smooth surfaces even on inlay. The body is comfortable to hold.

The Bad: The files are specific to certain tasks and are not interchangeable. If you look at the file in person they are sort of haphazardly glued on. Neither one has a centered file glued to the body. The files are probably from China or India. The fret File is kind of short for major fret work where I would use a fingerboard leveler instead for its long length.

I would say this is also another candidate for a do it yourself project. I researched the Inlay file as I have never seen a pattern like that before. The secret is it is a double cut aluminum file. A Nicholson 8" is around $12 and the 10" and 12" files are expensive. This is why I believe the SM version is a foreign made file. In the two pictures below you can see the file patterns better, both referenced next to an 8" Nicholson double cut aluminum file. Even though the Inlay file looks rough it does leave a smooth surface on inlay as well as wood.


I have not identified the Metal file pattern on this tool. However is is close to a mill file and most mill files would do just fine in this application. The only note is the angle is between a standard mill file and a Lathe file (greatest angle).

I will also point out you would need to grind off the pattern on the sides and cut the file (or break it in a vise) if you want to attempt it yourself. I have used a mini grinder and cutoff blade and Zircona belt on a belt sander to modify files.


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