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3x P90, 2x Toggle Switches


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my current build is a jazzmaster copy, I planned on having 2xp90s, master vol, master tone, 3way toggle, but I found a good deal on trademe (NZ's ebay) and ended up with 3xp90s. Instead of going with a strat type 5way blade i thought I'd try the TVL yamaha system, which is:



master tone

1st toggle: bridge/bridge+neck/neck

2nd toggle:middle off/add middle out of phase/middle pup only(turns other pups off)

I want the same except a master vol instead of 3x individual vols, I haven't seen any schematic like this around, I was going to (attempt to) draw it out tonight but thought i'd ask a few questions on my lunch break, so:

would standard gibson 3 way toggles work?

my pups are a matched pair of hot SD p90s around 12k for the neck and 15k for the bridge (both ceramic) and a KA vintage p90 around 8k (alnico), Is the output mismatch likely to be tamed by pup height adjustment? i like all pups around the same volume. I think i may try and trade the SD's for something lower output/brighter and alnico, i didn't realise they were that hot and ceramic when i bought them B)

I assume i want the middle pup to be RWRP like a strat and i assume none of mine are :D

I was going to add two DPDT slide switches i have lying around to keep with the jazzmaster look, maybe series/parallel and an off switch for the neck pup so i can use the 1st toggle for stuttering/killswitch, or any other suggestions?

some more info about the build:

maple neck, rosewood FB, CBS headstock, recessed TOM, black beauty colour scheme: all gold hardware (incl. pup covers), Black pickguard, black finish.

any help/suggestions much appreciated :D

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So I've attempted to draw it up, the two DPDT switches are on/on slide switches for neck on/off and mid phase reversal, the others are std LP type toggles.

<snip>pic <snip> (revised pic below)

by my calculations theres no way to wire the other toggle to add be mid off/mid added/mid only :D

maybe "this switch" as used in 3 pup LPs will work.

hmmm any thoughts folks?

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so this is how the 3 pup LP switch works:


So i think wiring one of those^ as below will give me mid off/ mid added/mid only


any alternative suggestions for the slide switches? would series/parallel somewhere be much use?


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