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Malfunctioning 5 Way Megaswitch (p Model)


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I recently did some work on my guitar and now the switch is acting up. I have a Schaller 5 Way Megaswitch (P Model) and it produces no sound in positions 2 and 5. I tried testing it with a meter and it is yielding some strange results. Also, position 4 is weak (missing the other parallel coil). So is it possible I have damaged the switch and what should I look for physically when examining? I know this is a big no-no but I was using steel wool on frets and some may have gotten into the switch (though I didn't see any. I know the pickups are fine because I tested them with a meter as well. Any ideas?

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Just in case...use a magnet...say the back of the speaker...to suck off any steel wool (if it is the common magnetic kind) out of the switch and elsewhere...maybe the problem.

I am not familiar with the internal switching of the P switch and what it is supposed to be doing...did your wiring ever work...if not more likely a fault in your wiring logic than the switch...maybe some more details...


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