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Gibson Explorer Steel String Acoustic.

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What do you want it to do? Are you looking for a pure acoustic sound, or do you want it to sound good plugged in? And what do you want to use it for? An acoustic Flying V has been done, and I don't think it'd be much better or worse than that:


If you're looking for a good sound plugged in, and you're ok with a piezo pickup, my guess is that it'd work fine. If you go that route, you might just consider something like an LR Baggs X-Bridge that has a piezo element build in. (A number of companies make similar things.) That way it doesn't even have to be a hollow body.

If what you're looking for is a guitar that will sound good unplugged, that's going to be a little more difficult.

DISCLAIMER: I've never actually done any of these things. I've just researched the topic and played around with some things. So take my advice for what it's worth.


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