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Hello, I think I may have a huge problem.

My guitar body that I cut out yesterday somehow has a neck joint much smaller than I wanted. Its 25 scale. The bass neck dimensions should be 2 13/16. Instead the bass side is only 2 1/2! The treble side is fine at 1 1/2 inches. This neck is a RG style neck joint that is bolted on with four bolts. Now, I did make a swooping ark that has extra wood beyond the bass side. The longest point is 3 inches in the middle.

Is my neck joint too weak? Please help.

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It wasn't so much the same question, but an answer suits both of my needs. I forgot that I posed this question earlier at the forum. After I posted this thread, I just remembered that the answer was in the other thread. I do not have a serious problem. And for the record, the first time that I posed the question, I was still in the design process and was no where near cutting any wood. I just cut the blank yesterday. We pre -drilled the cavity for the tunomatic, pickups, and neck joint before we cut out the body. We did it a different way than most. Rather than using two stick tape or something (which we thought could slide), we made a template that was larger and fit the whole blank and screwed it into what would have been scrap wood. We just trust the more mechanical way I guess. So at this point setting the bridge at the appropriate place is out of the question. We routed both at the same time and they are at the proper distance. The mistake was made when making the template. I made the mistake. I believe that is what produced the smaller neck joint on the bass side. I will make another template for future builds even though the one I have now is ok.

Thanks Mickguard for your reply,


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