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Vox Starstream


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I'm asking a huge favor from anyone with a VOX starstream. I've been trying to find schematics for the electronics inside for ever and I have not had any luck whatsoever. I did find the V809 (I think that was it), the little plug in repeater effects module VOX made, and built it. It sounds good, but I was wanting to compare it to the repeater in the starstream. I am mainly looking for the fuzz, however (I LOVE that fuzz tone it gets) and perhaps the bass/treble boosts.

Now - I was hoping someone would be willing to take a look inside their Starsteam and maybe take some pictures of the electronics, or maybe even share some more detailed info? I would appreciate the effort SO much.

Anyone who does know the location of a drawn schematic please tell, though from my searching I really don't think there is one circulating anywhere.

If I can't get a hold of the schematics/whatever at all, perhaps someone could point me to a fuzz pedal (to build) that gets the same kind of sounds as the Starstream?

Here's a wonderful video showcasing the guitar:

0:50 is the boosts

1:10 is the fuzz

1:45 is the repeater


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I was thinking about building the tonebender real quick and trying it though - it is incredibly easy.

Oo.. .keep us updated!

Anywho that site has a bunch of different Vox effects, and even more notably, the Tycobrahe Octavia. According to a lot of people the tyco has a massive amount of fuzz gain plus a switch to select between fuzz+octave or just fuzz. I think this would be right up your alley.

Right now I'm building a 'Bobtavia' from generalguitargadgets. I don't think that the circuits would sound anything alike but it's got the same concept with the switch. I've heard that it's a little more tame than the tyco plus it's insanely easy to build.

Well good luck, man.


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