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Tint & Ink Test


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I did some tests with TransTint on soft maple. This is going to go way over on the picture limit rule, so if a mod wants to move it..........

There always seem to be a lot of 'how can I get this color, or this look, or this finish' questions, so I I did some tests for anther tele-like guitar I'm building. The truth is a Primo Finish is achieved through many steps, and no shortcuts. When you do get those results it's a huge booster to your skillset. You just can't cut corners of the finish.

This is done on soft maple sanded to 400, it's not a 'perfect' finish by any means, but I think you will find it representative of what you can/will achieve

For this test I used one tablespoon of Zinsser Bullseye Universal Seal Coat, Product #00854. TransTint 6022 Blue, 6021 Bright Red, StuMac 5041 Green, SpeedBall black India Ink.

The photos show results of a clear coat of shellac, then adding 3 drops, 10 drops, 15 drops from the eye dropper shown.

You should be able to see which way the wood was oriented by the concentration of the color.





This one is the SpeedBall ink full strength then sanded back with 400,on the right is the BullsEye


This one is to show the grain orientation in the previous photos





If you look closely at the above photo you should see the grain running from the lower left to the upper right, rift sawn I think it is called.

This what was left over all mixed together.


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This is the eye dropper and ink I used


These are sanded back with 400 to take the shine off some








Edit: the red looks pretty orange on my 'puter...not so much with my eye on it.

I hope this helps some folks around here, you all have been very helpful to me since I've been here and I am very grateful.


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