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Cutting Frets Additional Tooling


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I wanted to just mention the use of a cable cutter to cut frets. I purchased the Harbor Freight version $5 on sale.

As I sell frets from rolls I found the end nippers just a bit too much work just to size lengths of wire. I also found this tool gives me a very clean cut even with the double bevel. In fact the cut is better than any of my nippers. You cant cut the ends of frets after fretting but it is possible to rough size frets with this tool.

Anyway for $5 and a good sharpening of the bevel I found these cutters useful at least for rough fret work. May also save your good nippers for the final fret work and your hands. This heavy duty tool will outlast your nippers. I'd keep them away from cutting cable if you do use them for cutting frets. LOL


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