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Has Anyone Used Mop Veneer?

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I recently saw some genuine Mother of Pearl "veneer" being sold on ebay. The auction says it is .2mm thick and can be covered with a few coats of finish, then sanded level and recoated to desired finish thickness. I'm thinking about trying to use this on my current project to cut a small "Thor's hammer" out and glue it to the stained body below the tailpiece before finishing with clear nitro. I have never done any inlay work before and would not want to attempt using a dremmel for inlaying on this project...too easy to screw it up without any prior experience! So when I saw this MOP veneer I thought it might be an alternative; all I would have to do is cut out my shape and glue it on! I worry about it being so thin though, would the stained wood show through and give it a darker look?

Any comments? Has anyone ever used this stuff before?

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