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Behringer V-ampire Lx112 Firmware Update

Sami Ghouri

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So i was supposed to do the update AAAGES ago, got the EEPROM and the file, but then i lost the file. I finally got around to setting things up yesterday, but couldn't remember where the file ended up. I went online to look for it and not-too-surprisingly it turned out to be a discontinued model and they don't have the file up for download anymore. I tried looking up every website possible but found none.

Can anyone PLEASE help me find it? it's like a 3 kb file or less.. i don't wanna resolve to degutting my friend's amp to copy his ROM which is my last option.

The reason why i'm updating is because i got this weird problem where all my lineouts (XLR, unbalanced, phones) become buzzy and noisy ONLY when i use the cabinet simulation feature. So the number 1 suspect is the software. If i disable that feature everything becomes fine. I can't imagine where else the problem could be.

Any help is appreciated as I really can't afford a new amp right now and i actually like this one.



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