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I'm new to this forum so:

Hi all, great forum! Tons of usefull information :D

I'm started to build templates for a Les Paul Supreme. Before cutting a lot af mahogany and glueing the maple on top and back, I need to know for sure if the original Supreme is build with the same pots and switch as a standard one. Because I need to install the electronics by pushing the pots through the jack hole (which is larger then the one on a standard and not circle shaped) and the switch through the rhythm pick-up cut-out.

Can someone tell me the height and width of these parts? (pots and switch) You know, I'm great with wood, but this is something new for me and I want everything exactly clear from the start. I do not want build my guitar to conclude afterwards that I can't install the electronics and need to made it an acoustic by cutting a hole out of the top maple. That would be a shame :D

Any advice is welcome!

- Jeroen

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If your worried about it just use mini pots. And you can also get pickup selectors that are just a little box around 1cm x 1cm x 2cm underneath rather than the bigger ones with the external leaf contacts.

But if your one of those people who likes to make exact copys of guitars and needs to get exactly the right components then I can't help you there.

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