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What Lacquer On Rw And Maple Fretboards?

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What kind of Lacquer is used on Maple (JEM Pyramid) fretboards, for the wood protection?

Epoxy? If so, what kind?

Is there any better options available? "Thin" Van Halen finish.

What does Fender use on their Maple Fretboards?

What's best on Rosewood FBs (JEM Vine) then?

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Nothing is required on rosewood - just finish-sand, buff and treat regularly with one of any number of different thin oils (I use lemon oil).

For maple, anything that can (and has) been used as a clear coat can be used - lacquer is "vintage" Fender but wears thru easily (which is what you want if, for example, you're doing an accurate vintage repro). Poly works great. You could certainly use epoxy like the fretless bass guys (System 3 Mirror Coat), but then you either need to slot through it, or keep it out of the slots if you slot before.

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