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Control Cavity Routing

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Alright, I've got a question for you guys.

How deep should I route the control cavity on a body with a carved top?


Is the black option correct? and then just do a recess for the knobs on the top? Or would the red section added on be correct?

And don't worry, the picture is just an exaggeration to clearly show what I'm asking.

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There are probably a thousand ways of doing it, this is the way I do it:

1- I do the black (according to your drawing) first, a safe removal of the bulk of the wood

2- I drill reference holes at the center of the pots/switch position. About 3mm diameter.

3- With these reference centered holes I do the recess on the top the way I like them to be. Depending on the position on the top each control can be different.

4- With a 17mm forstner bit I do a little recess on the top for the nut and washer of the pots (this step is optional). I like the knobs sitting low.

5- with a 25mm diameter forstner bit I deepen the cavity from the back (the red in your drawing), always centered with the reference holes, to the get proper thickness for the threaded part of the pot to come through. The forstner works well for the pots, with a 90 degree toggle switch you have to route the back accordingly.

6- with a round-nose bit and a template centered on the guiding holes I do the dishing on the top.

7- I drill the final diameter holes for the pots and switch.

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