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Broken Peavey


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Well, I've recently had the option to buy a broken Peavey VTM 120 head from the late 80's / early 90's. I'll probably buy it, as its dirt cheap and the tubes are all brand new. The guy selling it says someone told him it was probably the tube heater circuit that gave out on him. Assuming this is correct, does anyone have any idea what might have gone wrong (previous experience) or how difficult a fix this would be? I realize I'm giving you essentially zero information, but I thought I'd check to see if anyone had ever had a similar problem with a similar amp before, and known the usual cause of said problem.

Thanks in advance.


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Not sure about this amp but if it uses a AC power for the heaters then it will probably need a new transformer unless that output is independently fused. Further if it is AC it would be better to convert it to DC tube heat than to repair to its original setup.

That being said if it uses DC power for the heaters then it could be as simple as replacing some rectifier diodes or again a fuse on the main board.

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