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Minwax Spray Poly Over Ca Glue

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I'm restoring an old Electra neck from '83 that had many chips and dings in its original automotive poly finish. My plan was to fill in the chipped spots with several applications of CA glue, then to sand those areas flat. That seemed to work well enough for my low standards.

The next step is to fine-sand then spray the entire neck back and headstock with a few light coats of Minwax rattle-can gloss poly. I did a test coat on the back of the headstock, and let it cure for a few days. When I checked the CA-filled areas, they felt gummy and lost their gloss when I rubbed my finger across them. Obviously, CA and this spray poly are not compatible, but I didn't find any posts about that from searching this forum. (Can't easily search for a two-letter keyword either!)

Anyone have similar problems and/or advice?



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