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Diy Tube Amp


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Well, after much planning and dreaming, I finally went ahead and purchased an old PA amp from the 60's (I believe), with the intention of converting it for guitar use. It's a Knight 3235c, and it should work out pretty nicely. Here's what its got:

2 x 6L6 - power tubes (its a 35W amp. Not quite as big as I'd like but it should still be plenty loud)

1 x 12ax7 and 1 x 6av6 - preamp tubes (it'd be nice to have another 12ax7 instead of a 6av6, but I guess a half of one is better than none at all)

1 x 12ax7 - phase splitter

1 x 5au4 - rectifier tube

I'm planning on leaving the power amp section essentially untouched, but the preamp will be essentially redesigned. I'll be putting in a standard bass/mid/treble tone stack and cascading the gain stages to get as much as I can. I play hard rock, so I'm not looking for a clean amp at all. Naturally, the thing will need a new headbox and such, so that will be fun.

Now, to business, I'd really love to drop another 12ax7 into the preamp circuit for a little more gain. I thought about replacing the 6av6 with a 12ax7 and doing a similar preamp to the JCM 800, but I hesitate. I really am not sure how much leeway I have with the power transformer here. I will have the amp and schematic next weekend, however, so I'll be able to figure the math out there. Obviously if there's any risk of overloading the transformer, I'm not going to try it.

I'll be starting the surgery in about a week ,and it should be all done within 5 weeks. Stick around for the ride!

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