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Best Chemical Paint Stripper?


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Ok, same topic but different scenario. That 'Slinger is still red and am hoping to sell it soon to fund my next build :D

HOWEVER, I am currently working on a RR-V build that had a previous finish. I got pretty much all of the back and the front sanded off with my power sander and some 100 grit paper.

But its got bevels and I'd rather use a stripper for those and the trem cavity.

Southpa mentioned "Circa 1850"

Anyone else wanna recommend a good stripper? It's got a poly finish, and it's pretty thick, so it'll need to be strong!

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1850 i the best as far as i like for everything; but with a tough finish you might be applying 2-3 times and still needing to put a little elbow grease on it............and don't do i inside.

Roger that. Where's the best place to buy this stuff?

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Heat gun and you could always add a thin veneer and do a burst. Make sure you get through the thick polyester coat underneath the paint. Heat and scrape, when you heat the polyester coat it will pop when it gets hot enough and comes of pretty easliy..... Use a respirator though the fumes are nasty

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