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Removing Cheap Paint


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Here's an update for anyone interested. It's turning out better than I'd planned, but it's definitely not professional. When I'm done I'll post an overview of my methods and lessons learned for those of you out there like me: Joe Average Hack.


It's coming along pretty well.


The nick in the center is actually covered with lacquer, so is the one at the top. I just could NOT get the stain color right, so I decided just to cover them. Nice and smooth to the touch, actually. This camera is TOO good.


Polished vs. sanded. My secret weapon is Brasso brass polish. I've tried 3M polishing compound and a few other similar things, but out of everything I've tried, this stuff works by FAR the best. I go over it 2 or three times and it's like glass.


The top right bridge hole looks totally like crap. When the guitar went down the stairs, the finish cracked there (I LOVE my guitar case) and water gor in there from wet sanding and it got worse. So I globbed on some lacquer and left it. The bridge will cover some, and at least it's protected.

I think I'll be done this week. Good, because guitars are for PLAYING!! Plus I just got a new V-Amp2 and I really want to test it out.

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it looks great, do you know how old the guitar is ?

it has a slight relic look to it which i think suits it, also is that a gretsch filtertron in the bridge ? looks like one.

Thanks for the compliment, man. The bridge pickup is a TV Jones. I'd never heard of them until I got this guitar, but I'm glad I did. It sounds really good. It's nice and clear, warm and musical. The overdrive is the same, it roars, but still has a musical sound. Very nice indeed.

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