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Neck Heel

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I've got my practice neck built without the fretboard and truss rod. I ended up angling the heel using a block plane. I measured 3 1/2 inches from the end of the neck and at that point I marked the side 1/8" down. I then used the block plane to make the angle. Worked OK and the angle is the same as the neck I am copying. I carved the neck and the headstock. The headstock is giving me the most problem trying to get the design symmetrical. Also the end grain in the headstock is hard to sand smooth. Portions sand away leaving ridges. I'm plugging away. My parts are starting to come in so I can proceed further. I started on my practice body made from 2x10s and made a template from some click flooring I had left over. I'm feeling more confident using the router and bandsaw. This week I am going to look at a Planer and Jointer. I am going to retire next year after working 32 years in a steel mill and I'd like to get into woodworking as a hobby. That's it for now.


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