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Finsih Like Glass!


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No it does not get better.. The dust is the compound and pieces of the the wheel.. What I see in your pictures is what you get. make sure you allow the wheel to heat the compound as you apply it (gently apply pressure for a longer time). Especially important when its just started and the compound is cold. the end of the bar should be a bit soft when you pull it off the wheel. You should see the compound coat the wheel and it will not do that without it softening up, even in the summer.

I cant tell if you may have added too much compound for the job, you shop is pretty dusty.. I suggest you use your vacuum to keep the dust down a bit as well..Maybe Plastic drop sheets too. I just use mine in the middle of my shop its doesn't make a mess past 10 feet and I just clean the floor with a shop vac afterward.

I did laugh when I saw the shelf over the buffer...first timer surprize..LOL

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