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Bartolini Buzzzzz

low end fuzz

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k; so i finally go tthis thing back in my hands; its not 'as bad' as i thought; the buzz is loud but only rears its head when the treble is on full; but still, what did i buy the 'best' for if im gonna get unfavorable noises?

checked the diagrams, its exact, as far as i can see, and what little soldering i had to do looks just fine, and their soldering looks perfect in every way; i wrote bestbassgear and bartolini, and theyre not sending any replies;

anyone have any ideas or past experiences where they came up with something?

i quikly switch th lead wire with a crapset of pbass pups and tested them off to the side and no hum anywhere, im gonna wire up a mock harness and test the pickup alone tonite; but if it is the pickup itself i thought surely this monster eq would cancelout unwanted noise; anyways thanks for reading pondering.

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I put Bartolini pickups and preamp in the jazz bass that I built, and I've never had any problems with buzzing or feedback or anything. Maybe you just need to replace to battery for the preamp? It sounds like you've ruled that out, but it couldn't hurt to try. Other than that my best guess would be a grounding problem somewhere. Best of luck figuring it out man.

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