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As some of you know, me and all of the artists I work with were kicked out of our factory building (the owner wants more parking for his gay bar across the street and he wants to grow medicinal MJ in there :D). Our new place is great and we're in the process of unpacking right now. Most of the same artists came with us. The guy with the most equipment (that we all use) has a unit like 50' from ours. I'm really loving this place.

I'll post more photos when we're all setup. Here's what it looks like when artists move:


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I actually don't like Boulder that much. I find it to be a very pretentious city. All of the artists there are the "I smoke pot and I'm weird, so I must be an artist" type. Most of the real artists are in Denver. We have a couple art districts here and the city is really beginning to boom. It's growing so fast it's amazing.

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