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Router question.

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I am using a new Porter Cable 1 3/4 hp router that I got for Christmas. I had only used a router a few times before this, mostly in a shop I worked at. I did have a Dremel router, and a lam trimmer, for cutting binding channels. Since I do this for relaxation, I have followed a mostly neanderthal approach to my woodworking, favoring hand tools over power tools.

I have no problems routing the cavities, and neck pockets, and the like, and I have both the fixed, and plunge bases. The glitch came when I decided to use a larger, 1/2 " roundover bit to round off the body edges on my latest axe. The bit was just a bit bigger than the hole in the baseplate fo the router. I know there are all kinds of replacement bases out there for these things. Do I just get a plate with a bigger hole, and go for it, or is there a reason for the small hole on the baseplate? Is there any reason I can't make one out of acrylic, and do it myself? Where would I find one? The instructions say not to use any bit over 2 and some fraction (I can't remember exactly what it was now) inches, but this bit was nowhere near that. Am I limited to using these bits in a table mounting?

Sorry for the newbie qiestions, but I mostly work with metal at work.

Thaks for the help,


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