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Newbie Here...new Project Ideas

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First off let me say hello to everyone here! This forum has a ton of great info. I've been searching through here for a long time, and decided to get some opinions on my first project: modifying an Epiphone 58 Korina Explorer. Basically, these are the mods I want to do:

1. Install Dunlop 6000 frets

2. Install Floyd Rose Original trem

3. Paint red, and maybe use a custom logo for headstock (not inlay)

I realize these are VERY heavy mods, but I have worked in a guitar factory before, and know about installing/levelling/dressing frets, routing and paint. BUT, this would be my first refret. Since the Epiphone is quite inexpensive (about $300 used), it would make a good first guitar project, IMO. It should be mentioned that although there are many guitars on the market with these specs already, none of them have this particular body shape/neck that is the most comfortable for me. The Floyd won't need to be recessed either due to the neck angle, which is also nice. I have seen an Explorer with a floyd installed before that played great, so I know this is possible.

Just thought I would make a post to generate your opinions and skilled experience to help me along. Thanks!

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Sounds good. Looks like you have had experience with setups etc before. Checkout the build threads in the forum and ask any questions when they come up. Just be certain on the neck angle issue, as it may have been a factory custom that had been made with neck angle to match the floyd. Goodluck and post up some pics when your done.


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