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Jp6 Wiring Question


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I'm wiring up a Music Man JP6 with the special 3 way switch and I'm getting too much hum when I plug it in with everything connected the way I have it and the pots and switch screwed up against the copper plate. I have some pictures:




I noticed that there's a possible short between the white and black terminals on the neck side of the 3 way switch connections. I don't know enough about circuit boards to be sure. The other thing I'm not sure about is the bare wire that is connected to the screw in ground terminal. I left it unconnected and got hum, then I connected it to the volume pot lug with that shares the cap lead. Same hum. The hum goes away when I touch any part of the bridge or pots, so I'm pretty sure it's a grounding issue. The ground wire to the trem is securely wired and the output jack wiring should be ok because it's stock (the connections to the jack anyway). Anyone see my mistake?

Thank You,


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