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Repairing A Face With Glue

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I have a Yamaha CG101MS nylon string that took a serious hit on the bridge after a moving accident.

The bridge cracked the face of the guitar along the grain, so there are two parallel cracks in the face, the width between them being the length of the bridge. I hope I'm doing an adequate job explaining what is going on here.

My plan so far is to take the strings off as to remove pressure from the face. I'm using a toothbrush and a needle to apply wood-glue to the insides of the cracks. Then I'm wrapping blue painter's tape around the body of the instrument instead of clamping it. I will leave it about a day to dry before removing the tape and restringing the instrument.

I don't imagine this will be a complicated repair, but I'm not 100% that this is the best method to go about fixing my instrument. The guitar is obviously nothing extravagant or expensive, so I feel a little safer doing a simple operation like this on the cheap.

Any obvious concerns that I'm missing or recommendations on a better way?

Thanks all,


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