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Which Single Coils To Go With Lil 59?


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Hi folks. I've been researching pickups for months trying to figure out what to put in my Strat. I've been sold on the SD Lil '59 for the bridge from the get go. It's not the most diverse pickup out there, but having played one in a similar setup to my own I'm convinced that the tonal qualities - and moreover the response - are exactly what I'm looking to get out of this guitar. But what to pair it with in the neck and mid positions? I was thinking Texas Specials might be nice (they seem to be the go-to blues pickup these days), but having played them in a couple of different guitars I'm just not as in love with them as I am with the Lil 59. Or rather I don't think it's the combination I'm looking for. Plus the Texas Specials are only sold as a full set. I'd rather not buy a bridge pickup I'll never use.

I realize that I haven't provided much background into what I'm looking for tonally - and truth-be-told tone is only a small part of what I'm after, it's more an even physical response I'm after - but does anyone have any decent direction in this regard. I sort of feel like I don't really have a starting point. I like Seymour Duncans, but their descriptions and even the sound clips are next to useless in finding what I'm after. I need to play something (hardly possible at my tiny local shop), or get some wisdom from someone with experience.

Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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