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Clear Coat Over Acrylic Artist Paint?

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Helloo, I've been calling around everywhere and trying to get advice from several experts on what to do, but I can never get a very clear answer. I bought a guitar body off of eBay, sanded it, and I "primed" it with Valspar hi-gloss lacquer. My uncle is an artist and he is painting the guitar with acrylic artist's paint (you can view the progress over here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/26586633@N08/ ) But I'm not sure what kind of clear coat will be hard (to protect the painting) but won't react badly with the acrylic and ruin the painting. Also, the acrylic is a bit tacky, but it's completely dry. Will I need to hair-dry it before applying a clear coat?

The most clear answer I received about clear coating the body is this: http://www.repaintsupply.com/pd_2_part_2k_aerosol.cfm But I'm not sure if it would have a negative reaction with the acrylic or not. Thanks for all the help in advanced!

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