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Dual P90s, In/out Phase, Series/parallel, Wiring Check!


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Ive got another new build coming up for my brother, and we finally decided on a setup today. I just want to make sure this looks legit!

2 push pulls, one does phase reversal one does series/parallel.

Mostly, i want to make sure that if i switch to series, but only have the toggle set for neck or bridge, it will still have sound. obviously it wont change the sound, but it wont cut it?

for example if hes on bridge only, but it happens to be pulled for series mode, the ground wire from the bridge pup goes to the hot on the neck and then to ground, so it still works... right? and vice versa?

to me, it looks like if i pull for series, but have it on the neck pup, i wont have sound



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