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Polyester Sealer On Top Of Swirl Before Clearcoat?

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Hey guys! i do some swirling on the side, and i've been reading up on how a lot of dudes do their clearcoats on top. Typically, after i swirl the guitars, i pass them along to my brother who clears them with a 2k clear at his shop. But i read something written by the infamous Patrick Sims recently on an old Jemsite post, and he mentions using a "polyester sealer" on top of his swirls before he clearcoats them. He says the polyester sealer can be laid down super heavy and thick, which dries rock hard and can be sanded down flat to hide surface irregularities, making a MUCH flatter surface to clearcoat on top of.

That makes sense to me to do. My brother has often complained about how much clear you have to put on these things before you can start leveling them out and making them look smooth; the sealer means that you'd be starting with a good flat surface to work with.

Does that make sense to you guys? Anybody have a clue what product he could be talking about?

I googled Polyester Sealer and found a product that sounds about right.... super thick, crystal clear, rock hard. It says you can apply it with a brush, rag, or roller. Does that sound right?

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