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Clou Brand Nitro Lacquer.


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Hi there,

I have finished my first finishing job with proper spraying equipment. I am very satisfied with the results.

Still I have a question for the EU members…

For these guitars I used the only product I could find with "nitro" in it's name: Clou Holzlack. I bought it from Germany along it's specific thinner. Apparently, nitro lacquers are not sold in The Netherlands anymore (only in rattle-cans).

It is advertised as Nitro-based, combination lacquer, whatever that means.

I can't say it behaves any different from the nitro-lacquer rattle cans I have used before, a new coat melts into the previous, and it is the same product sold as nitrocellulose lacquer by a local guitar parts/supplies vendor (Vox Humana NL).

But does anyone know a little more about this product and what it really is ??

The main difference I notice from the nitro rattle cans is that it seems to cure much faster. Just a week has passed and even pressing my nose to the finish I can't smell any solvent any more. It took a good three weeks to the rattle-can finish to get to this stage.

Any info at all ? Thanks.

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