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Schecter C-1 E/a Mag / Piezo Problem


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It's been awhile since I posted here, but this is what happened:

I bought a used Schecter C-1 E/A semi-hollow (think ES-355 or PRS Semi hollow) on ebay that has two humbuckers and a tonepros / graphtech ghost saddle piezo and a 3 way on-on-on switch to toggle mag only - mag + piezo - piezo only. Here's the wiring diagram: http://schecter.musicianscentre.com/home/schecter-wiring-diagrams - it's the sixth one from the top. The stock pups were swapped with some duncan humbuckers. When I plugged the guitar in with a fresh battery, I got an intermittent thunder sound that sounds like a loose output jack wire or some other grounding issue. I have a feeling that who ever swapped the pickups made a mistake and didn't wire something properly. There's a push-pull coil split on the mag tone pot which I think was an aftermarket mod as well. I have a 14 day return policy and I'm thinking of returning this guitar because it's a semihollow and there's a piezo bridge which I'm not used to dealing with (and which are expensive to replace if it's in fact a faulty bridge - most likely not, but...?) One more thing - I watched a video on youtube that showed how to switch the pickups and I saw that you have to go through the battery compartment to wire them to the three way switch. I wanted to check out the tech's wiring, but the battery compartment is press fit into this guitar so that after removing the screw that 'holds' the compartment into the route, it is as stuck in there as ever. Here's the video:

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'll be returning this guitar because I don't have time and / or interest for making this guitar into a project and I paid too much for it as well to be spending more on it than I already did in order for it to be worth it. But just incase someone can tell what the easiest way to diagnose this problem may be or how to fix it, please let me know and I can send the information on to the original owner. I wiggled each pot and the output jack and nothing was any more to blame for the thunder sound than anything else. Also, the thunder comes through all three of the positions on the three way on-on-on switch. Turning down volume or tone with the pots didn't fix the problem (unless I turn both volumes off completely :D - even still there would be some signal making it through intermittently into the input readers on my line 6 toneport when I had the volumes turned down completely). Also, when the piezo is selected, simply running my fingers over the saddles makes a really bad sound. I know that they pick up vibration, but that seemed unreasonable to me. So, if there's anyone out there who has an idea of what could be faulty or how to fix this guitar, please let me know and I can at least pass this on to the original owner when I return it. I'm pretty sure he has little experience with guitars because he said he bought it with the intention of learning, but never got around to it. And FWIW, I realize this may be like asking someone how much spare change I have in my pocket... but I thought I'd ask anyway. I took some pictures from the outside of the guitar, but I know they won't help any unless I tear the guitar apart and take more, which I don't want to do. Have a Blessed day.


Anthony Mancini

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