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Varitone - General Help & Ideas


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Hi all, rummaging though my boxes i came across an old varitone attepmt i did from years back (7 years or so) which was my first and only attemp t make a varitone, it didnt work out well, due to a poor quality rotary switch and lack of supplies.

So ive decided to make a new one this time the right way around, so first the guitar this will be used in is a mid mid level ibanex RG (fitted with Bare knuckle aftermaths)

I have 12 Position 10 Pole Rotary Switch to use, and ive got the following Polyester caps to hand;

2 x 1uF 250V

2 x 0.47uF 250V

2 x 0.15uF 100V

2 x 0.05uF 100V

3 x 33nF 100V

3 x 68nF 100V

4 x 22npF 100V

6 x 47nF 100V

4 x 15nF 100V

5 x 6.8nF 100V

11 x 10nF 100V

5 x 8200pF 100V

5 x 5600pF 100V

5 x 4.7nF 100V

6 x 3300pF 10V

5 x 2200pF 100V

5 x 0.22uF 100V

5 x 0.27uF 100V

2 x 0.82uF 100V

10 x 1nF 100V

8 x 0.1uF 100V

And a few odd an ends in ceramic caps, this will be run along side the existing tone pot, now based on the caps i have heres the order i was thinking;

P1 - Bypass

P2 - 0.05uF 100V

P3 - 0.15uF 100V

P4 - 0.22uF 100V

P5 - 0.27uF 100V

P6 - 0.47uF 250V

P7 - 0.82uF 100V

But im not sure what values to use on the other possitions, anybody have any ideas or what values they would use?

Also i see some people use a small blue cube on there swicths (inductor/choke) if i understand it right this makes the sounds more scooped in some values/keeps the highs, what inductor/choke/part of ebay would i need to get to do this?

And lastly, the order/signal path on all the different pics ive seen always seems ot differ, i was thinking of

Tone pot hot lug > Varitone > volume (see pic) is this ok?


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I have a varitone in one of my guitars. Honestly, most of those are so close in value you may not be able to hear a difference. I like one tiny one, one huge one, one or two in the prescribed range for the pickup, and then crazy stuff, like this...


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