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Jimmy Page Wiring Help!


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Hey everyone,

I'm in the process of wiring my Les Paul Studio Jimmy Page style. I purchased a pre-wired kit. I'll be wiring in Gibson 57 & 57+ 4 wire pickups. My confusion and question is on the placement of the capacitors. I have found two different diagrams with two different placements of capacitors.


This is the placement of the kit that was delivered. I wired it in and the neck volume would not adjust. It would only be at full volume. When the pot was adjusted, it sounded as if the tone was being adjusted. The capacitor is on the middle post and soldered to ground. I don't believe this is what caused the problem but wonder why it differs from this one:


where the capacitor is on the "third" post and soldered to ground. I have searched high and low to see what all these connection posts do with no luck.

Any help would be great! Thanks!


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Those two methods of doing the tone control are functionally identical, and assuming the rest of the wiring is done correctly, neither method would cause the volume to be on full all the time. You need to check your wiring very carefully.

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