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Tuner Knob

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My wife has an old acoustic guitar that is missing one tuner knob and needs to be restrung. I don't have the guitar in front of me right now but I believe it is this model. I'm guessing it is not a great guitar (neither of us play but I'd like to learn) but I'd still like to repair it. To repair this, is it possible to simply find a replacement knob or do I need to replace all the tuners? Is this something someone with no experience but who is reasonably handy can do themselves? How about some recommendations for a site where I can purchase parts?

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The thing you have to be concerned about is the size of the tuner holes. Those tuners fit 5/16" diameter holes. If the ones you have are the sames, it'll work. You may have to drill some holes for screws on the back, but you can do that. Just use the correct size bit and take your time.

One more thing. Tuners are one of those things where there can be a significant difference between good ones and bad ones. Bad ones don't hold tune as well. Whether the ones you linked are good or bad, who can say? They're a simple open backed design that should work if the holes are the right size.

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No need for that! Just take it out and measure the tuner post. You'll pay a ton at a store. Another thing you could do is order those tuners from Ebay and just take the buttons off the tuners and install them to your current ones.

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