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Guitar Setup Question

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I bought a cheap Johnson strat copy for a student. He's left handed so I was pretty happy to find one. The problem is now that I'm trying to set it up is that the strings almost all completely fret out from about the 10th-12th fret and up. The neck adjustment seems OK and I tried shimming the neck end of the neck pocket with a piece of calling card, but then the nut was so high relative to the bridge that the action looked like a cheap acoustic. Does anyone have any advice for me? It will be greatly appreciated. Have a great day. - Anthony

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Haha I've done it too. No worries.

There have been a couple times where I built an entire guitar, then during the setup couldn't figure out why it was buzzing and pinching at high frets. I'd go crazy inspecting the frets and bridge, only to find everything was perfect. Eventually I'd find one of the humbuckers, which hadn't been adjusted yet, was angled a little and the strings were touching the cover. I'd go around and around for ridiculous amounts of time just to find that one obvious answer.

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