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Found aluminum guitar bodies


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A friend of mine scored some aluminum guitar bodies for free, didn't steal them or anything. He knows nothing about guitars, but his brother told him they were velenos and worth a lot. Turns out they weren't. However, They are well made and only seem to need some buffing, electronics and bolt on necks. Some are anodized or powder coated, some are raw, some machined for tremolo and some for hard tails. The question is value? They are difficult to put a price on, though anyone who is halfway established can save a ton of time and money and have nice playable guitars for sale. How much do you think might be a fair price. Pics to follow, having trouble with photobucket.

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If you play, and want a new guitar (I know what a silly proposition! OF COURSE you want a new guitar)

TRADE them!

Have the person who wants the bodies send you something you need to build yours and they pay shipping as well

any pics for us (just in case someone wants an aluminum bodied guitar)

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