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Rear Access Panel In A Semi-Hollow Body

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In this "parts-caster" semi-hollow body, there are phase switching/series/parallel/pickup tapping switches. I might decide to change pickups once in a while. I also installed metal shielding that completely encloses all components, This is in no way a investment-grade guitar, so it was an easy decision to install a back access panel.

I made a wooden template to guide using the thinnest Dremel saw to make the cuts (gorilla tape covered the exposed back). I epoxied aluminum strips (bent slightly to fit the curves) on all the opening edges and drilled six screw holes in the strips. I glued edge binding along the edge of the opening to fill in the small gap caused by the Dremel saw. I counter sunk screw head reliefs into the piece of the back which is now a removable access panel.

With all the stuff in this guitar, I can't imagine not having the access panel  Now I can also experiment without hours of work and have eliminated what seems like 98% of electrical interference.

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