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Little bit of help needed.


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Here's the future vict- I mean- Test subject, a Jackson Warrior 2916500503_gtr_frt_001_rr.png

My issues, and why I need some help here, is the location of the volume knob and the switch. For me, they should be the other way around, and while I know I can route a pot hole to allow the switch that won't work the other way around. Then I had an idea, inspired by Colin from CSGuitars where he used an iluminated AV switch as a killswitch, now I like this idea but also don't see myself using a killswitch. Then I thought about the idea of using a clean boost into the valves of an amp to drive them harder and produce a louder, dirtier tone for solos.

It might take a little cram-fu to get it all in there, but do you guys have any helpfuls tips about where to start for me? Using the picture above, the idea would be to put the 3 way where the top knob is, place the AV switch where the 3-way is currently and use the hole where the tone pot sits to wire in the single volume control. Noting I'd have to fit a second 9V and the booster circit into the control cavity which isn't huge, but I have chisels if needed. Thanks for the advice guys.

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