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12 string spacing

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I just bought a double neck and for the 12 string I always seem to bleed over to adjacent strings and mute notes that I don't

want to mute. I am thinking of building a nut for it or getting a local luthier to build a nut for it with the paired strings closer together.

Is it possible to have them too close together so that they will hit each other when vibrating? I've seen other guitars that have the strings 

closer together.


The nut length is 43mm and string pairs are 2mm apart at the bass E and 1.5 at the treble E. I understand there is an art to making

nuts and thought I would have a few to practice on first. The most difficult part is taking off the old one I could ruin the guitar if

not careful. This is kind of a cheap guitar I knew when buying it it would likely need some work. One of the concerns is there

enough nut room to work with.


Thanks for any thoughts on this. My first posting on here!

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