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HVLP questions


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Alright I work for a rental company and the guy sold me a wagner cap spray cs9000 hvlp compressor and a wagner suction feed gun along with a little orange can thats a mini compressor too anyways I got it all for 50 bucks and it shoots better than a rattle can so whatever lol on to the questions..

1. does anyone have any information on the wagner compressor?

2. how the heck do you clean the gun right now I'm just shootin thinner through it cause I figure its better than nothin

3. is there anyway to identify what the gun is

4. what would you recommend for a good gravity feed gun thanks guys I know #4 has been answered by LGM in one of his very cool tutorials but I figure more opinions are good

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I know it's been awhile since you put in this post, but I bought one of these CS9000 units back in early 90s when they just came out. I have the mannual for it as well, and there is a company that lets you download it as a PDF file.

The compressor is only 8PSI, but volume of air it moves is about 75 CFM (cubic feet per minute). It should have a filter on the front, but I have run mine for quite a while without it. I'm sure the CFM has suffered because of it. The gun is a nonbleeder type, and you clean it as you would any other gun. You can set the nozzle to either spray a fan or a round pattern. It has detents in the cap that you can feel as you rotate it (as I remember, by chaning it you change the direction of the fan and form a round pattern when setting it on the 45 degree angle setting). To clean it, it is just like any other gun. I recommend you put a little vasiline where the needle comes out of the trigger, and goes into the nozzle area (on the outside only) Also the side air control. When cleaning the control can be removed by taking off the clip, and when reassemblingI put a little vasiline on the o-rings as well to prevent air from leaking in and paint out. If you pull the trigger for a while, you'll notice it gets hot. That heat can be used to your advantage to increase the flowout of the paint. Sometimes I pull the trigger part way back to get the air flowing, and then as the handle heats up, I pull it the rest of the way. I have used mine for airplanes and custom motorcycle painting. I just started painting guitars, and am cranking my system up again.

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