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Noob question/hell on finishing.

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Totally new at this. I’ve been thinking about building a kit guitar for awhile and I have finally decided to do it. I’m going to buy myself an prs style double cut away kit. Now I’ve been doing research and it’s been a little confusing. So here’s where I’m at and what I’m thinking. If something doesn’t work with something else I plan on doing let me know. This kit has mahogany body and neck, flame maple top. Headstock is not capped so bare mahogany. 

-So first I’d sand it down. 

-tape off, transtint stain the maple top using 1/4 cup boiled linseed oil, 1/4 cup min spirits, red artist oil paint to my taste and a couple drops of japan drier. Let dry. 

-tape off maple cap, even on the sides for that natural binding look. Fill the wood grains of the mahogany using the drywall plaster, black acrylic paint and water method. Or maybe just ebony timber mate. Let dry sand down. Repeat this step. 

-then stain the headstock a transtint Black. 

-apply sanding sealer to maple cap and sand.  Prob 2-3 coats?

-apply wipe on poly and finally finish the guitar. 


Now is this totally wrong? Did I mix/mess anything up?

i want to get the steps and materials right. 

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