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Inlaying on a painted guitar body

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Hey, this is a simple novice question I'm sure. At what point during the finishing process should I start an inlay on the guitar body/headstock itself? I'm guessing after the last coat of paint is put on and just before the clearcoat. Is that true? Is that the same for body/headstock binding as well? Has anyone bound a Ibanez Jem-style body with abalone ala Jem 10?



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Gabe, I would recommend, do all your priming, sealing etc, and then do the inlay before you spray any color, this way, you can mask off only the inlay (you are bound to have more fill showing than you want on first inlays) then spray color, and clear over the entire thing after you take your mask off.

Jeremy :D <----- sweet emote B)

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